Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through economies across the globe. Businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry are having to adapt quickly to the new trading conditions they find themselves in.

Small businesses are perhaps some of the most vulnerable during the pandemic as they typically have limited cash reserves. This makes riding out the viruses impact very difficult as without money coming into the business; they can quickly reach a crisis point.

At the time of writing this post, the green shoots of re-opening the UK economy are beginning to emerge. Certain industries are being allowed to return to work, and hopefully, all sectors will be able to resume some kind of trading in the near future.

Small Business Marketing Tips

If you run a small company, the question is now how to approach the new business environment you find yourself in. Should you be reducing costs, or are there still opportunities to successfully promote your business?

In this post, we take a look at small business marketing tips that can help you during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Engage with Existing Customers

The simplest and quickest marketing tip is to keep in touch with your existing customers, where possible. It’s much simpler and a lot cheaper to market to your existing customer base than it is to find new ones.

The way we do business may have to change, but many of your customers will still want and need your products/services.
The key element here is to find a way of serving them during the pandemic.

Once you have established a means of providing your services, then you can contact your customer base to explain to them how they can order from you.

Find New Customers While Marketing Costs Are Cheap

The first instinct for many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic will be to reduce costs.

Marketing and promotion will generally be one of the first costs cut as it is often deemed as none essential.

However, it may be the ideal time to invest in marketing your business.

Many forms of advertising base their prices based on demand. An obvious example being Pay Per Click adverts through Google and Bing. With fewer businesses advertising, demand and costs have dropped considerably. This presents the perfect opportunity to spend money on this form of advertising. Giving you the chance to win customers at greatly reduced costs.

Set The Right Tone

If your business uses social media channels to communicate, then consider the tone of your messages.

Many people are finding lockdown extremely difficult. A business that shows empathy to their situation will benefit from improved positive sentiment during the pandemic and long term.

If you’re in a position to help and support members of your local community, then you can talk about this through your social media platforms.

This is not a sales pitch; instead, you are demonstrating that your business is caring and supportive in tough times.

Consider Alternative Forms of Marketing

All businesses are having to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the restrictions on movement will make it difficult for many companies to reach their regular customers. Businesses that served national markets will be falling back on their local area.

Letting potential customers know about your services is vital, and perhaps the most efficient methods are some of the more traditional marketing techniques.

If you have a prominent business location, then posters and vinyl signs are a low cost and effective way of conveying your message. Leaflets or flyers can also be printed cheaply and distributed quickly to homes in your area.

We hope you’ve found our post on small business marketing tips helpful. For more information on how Sherwood Universal can support your organisation during the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact our team.