As Nottingham printing specialists with over 40 years experience, we’ve worked with 1000’s of small businesses. Despite the wide range of industries they operate in, one thing that they all have in common is a need to promote their businesses and the services they offer.

Even with the growth of digital marketing, printed materials are still a fantastic way of making a lasting impression with potential customers. We’ve compiled a list of five print marketing ideas that will help get your business out there. All of our ideas are relatively inexpensive and can be trialled with small samples before being expanded to a wider audience.

Print Marketing Ideas

Print Marketing Ideas for a Small Business

Business Cards

An obvious starting point for any company is business cards. They are cost-effective to produce, have lots of possibilities for creating eye-catching designs and are easy to share.

The purpose of a business card is to create a professional and memorable design that has your key methods of contact clearly detailed. We’ve created a blog post of the key points to consider when Creating the Perfect Business Card.

If you work in a small business, it’s always worth carrying a few cards with you in case you meet a prospective client. They can also be given away at meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, networking events or left in places where you know people interested in your services may visit.

When it comes to design and business card printing the possibilities are almost endless. You can select the colours, fonts, texture, card thickness and finishing. Of course, sometimes simple designs can work extremely well. However, if you want to add some special touches to make your business cards stand out, there are lots of options.

Flyers and Leaflets

Another low-cost print marketing idea is flyers and leaflets. They are especially effective for businesses focusing on a small geographic area and allow you to target a large group of potential customers quickly.

A flyer or leaflet that communicates the essential information about your business and services can be a great marketing tool. It creates a tactile link to your company. Even if you don’t get business immediately, you will often find people save your details until they need your services.

It’s important to include details of your key services, trust signals such as the Gas Safe logo for plumbers and your contact details.

Banners and Outdoor Advertising

There are lots of opportunities for small businesses to promote themselves to a wider audience through using large banners or signs. PVC banners are surprisingly cheap to produce and can be ideal for advertising at local events or sporting fixtures.

Promotional Items

To promote your business and keep it in peoples minds, why not create branded promotional items that people use every day. Pens, calendars, mugs, USB sticks, desk pads, sticky notes, reusable coffee cups, desk tidies and bags are just some of the products that can be customised with your business branding.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a fantastic print marketing idea that will keep customers coming back again and again. We’re all used to coffee shops rewarding you with a free drink after a number of purchases. This simple idea can be extended to lots of industries. You also don’t always need to physically give something away. You could provide upgrades, access to special offers, loyal customer discounts or even work with other businesses to create a loyalty scheme in your local area.