A standard business card is approximately 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Onto this small piece of marketing real estate, you need to display enough information to convey the overall image of your business.

This is no easy task in such a small amount of space!

The aim of a business card is not to tell people everything about you or your company. Your goal is to create a design that is professional, memorable and has the key methods of contact clearly detailed.

The colours, text, shape and texture of a business card have a lot to do with its appeal. There are many ways to communicate a company image, and you can employ them cleverly in your business card design.

In this post, we’ve compiled five top tips to help you create the perfect business card.

Perfect Business Cards

Nail the Basics

Before you start getting all creative on your quest for the perfect business card, it’s important to consider what information you need to display on your business cards. You can design the most strikingly beautiful cards ever seen but if they don’t have your name and contact details on they’re not going to be a lot of use.

The details you include will vary from business to business and even individuals within the same business, however, the key information to consider is;

• Name
• Position
• Business Name
• Email Address
• Phone Number
• Physical Address (Relevant for Retail Businesses)
• Website
• Other Methods of Contact (e.g. Skype, Social Platforms)

It’s highly unlikely you’ll need to include all of the above, but once you’ve decided what you do need you can start the design process.

Create a Strong Visual Image

Humans are very visual creatures, and most people will remember an image much more clearly than text. Including some strong imagery that is related to your business will help get your business card noticed.

A double-sided business card is ideal when using strong images. Side one of your card can display your image and side two can be used for the important contact information.

Focus on Fonts and Colour

Font and colours are vital when designing your perfect business card. The colours you choose should support your existing company branding. The font type needs to be clear and easy to read. Ensure your font size is big enough to read without needing to reach for a magnifying glass, we suggest no smaller than 8pt.

If you are using a small font, then steer clear of script or graphic styles as these tend to be tricky to read.

Pick Your Card Carefully

If you’re spending time carefully designing your business cards, then don’t forget what you’re printing on to. A well-designed business card can be badly let down by being printed on low-quality card.

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to card stock. Different weights and thickness, different textures and a huge range of colours are all available.

At this stage, you can also consider the business card shape. Square cards are becoming increasingly popular and folding cards provide double the space to add important information about you and your business. You can even choose if you want square or rounded corners.

Typically, the more customising you do, the more expensive the finished business cards will be. If you plan on handing a lot out then out, perhaps at a trade show or event, then mid-range card stock may be a good choice.

And Finally….Finishing

To further help your business card stand out from the pack you can add some finishing touches during the print finishing process. Gold Foiling, Spot Gloss or Raised Spot designs are just some of the options available.

When it comes to the perfect business card design there isn’t a one size fits all approach. What works for one company may be totally wrong for the next. Your design needs to be a reflection of your business, and providing you’ve covered the basic information correctly, you really can take any design approach that feels right.

If you’d like some help designing your business cards then Sherwood Universal is here to help.  As one of  Nottingham’s leading printers, we offer a complete business card printing, design and finishing service from our head offices in Nottingham.  To discuss your requirements please contact our friendly team.