When promoting a business, there is a huge range of marketing tools to select from. With digital marketing, you can reach a wide national audience, and with printed materials, you can focus more locally. A simple marketing tool for businesses is to provide such a good service that customers recommend you. To help customers share your company details, a printed leaflet is an ideal reminder of the great service they received. Folded leaflets can be given to every customer either in person or when orders are posted.

Marketing with Folded Leaflets


Business Marketing with Folded Leaflets

The marketing aim of a printed folded leaflet can vary. As with any marketing activity, is it important to identify what the aim is at the start. Questions that can help you identify the aim are:

• Is it a general introduction to the business or related to a specific service or offer?
• What action do you want people seeing the leaflet to take? Do you want phone calls or entry to a competition?
• Where will the leaflet be used? Will it be a handout or left for people to pick up themselves?
• What is the most important information? Are you a new company in the area or has the business been well established for a certain number of years?

The Design Process

If you are a new or established business, you should have some brand identity as a visual reference for your folded leaflet design. To help here is a checklist of the visual references to collate before starting the leaflet design:

  • Brand logo
  • Brand colours
  • Brand font
  • Brand images – either your own or stock images
  • Digital marketing references – websites and social media accounts

It is helpful if all your business marketing material has a similar design so customers can easily recognise the business. If you are struggling with collating visual references, the graphic design team at Sherwood Universal can help.

Folded Leaflet Format Options

Once you have identified the aim and visual references for your leaflet you next need to decide what format you want to use. You can choose from a range of different fold types and if you want single or double-sided printing.

Folded Leaflets

Half Fold – Folded in half like a greeting card provides four sides/pages

Roll / Letter Fold – Divided into three sections with the outer sections folding over. This provides 6 sides/pages

Z fold – Folded like an accordion which shows three pages of artwork on each side. As the leaflet folds open to show three pages of artwork together, the content can be read in a sequence. Like a roll fold, this format provides six sides/pages, but the sides do not overlap

Gatefold – The outer pages fold to meet in the middle. To unfold the outer pages open outwards. This format enables you to showcase two different information areas and provides the opportunity for some creative design options. This format provides six sides/pages

Folded Leaflets to Grow Your Business

With carefully planned content and a strong design, a printed leaflet can be a valuable marketing tool. If your content isn’t date restricted with year references a folded leaflet design is an investment you could use for years.
If you would like more details on costs, print quantities or have any other questions, please contact us to find out more.