We live in a time where digital marketing is seen as vital for virtually any type of business. Failure to have a strong online presence can mean losing potential customers to your competition. However, as important as digital marketing is, print media can connect with people in a way that simply isn’t possible digitally.

Print Media

Print Media V’s Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to position your business/event/organisation at the point where a potential client has the most interest in the services you are promoting. This is extremely powerful, and coupled with a high-quality website will help drive new clients your way.

However, the online world is also very fast-moving with lots of distractions. Someone looking at your website can very easily lose focus and move on to a different task, click on to a competitor website or be distracted by an email. Even if they are very interested in your services, they may close your website and then forget all about you.

With printed material, such a brochure or leaflet, the potential client has a tangible item to view and a more solid link to your company. If they do become distracted while reading your literature, they can easily come back to it later.

Print media also provides haptic communication (Communication through Touch). The physical, tactile experience of handling your printed item provides the individual with a dynamic experience they are more likely to remember. Digital marketing can’t replicate this type of experience.

People also place a higher value on the printed word that they do on digital content. Printed material is considered to be more important and valid than digitally produced material. When someone wants a quick answer to a question or issue, they will tend to head online. If they need a more in-depth explanation, then the printed word still comes out on top.

Print Media offer Longevity

Printed media provides longevity that can’t be rivalled by digital.

Let’s take a plumber as an example. Typically, they operate in a small geographic area. Often providing their services to small businesses and homeowners. By creating a high-quality brochure or leaflet and distributing these in their local area, they are creating a potential income stream that could last for months if not years. Providing the leaflet is well designed and has the relevant information many people will save the details until they have an issue that requires a plumbers attention. The leaflet may only get tucked away in a draw or pinned to a notice board, but while it’s there, it has the ability to win new business.

Print Media is Accessible

Gone are the days when many people didn’t own a computer or rarely go online. In 2018, 90% of adults in the UK reported being online recently. Only 8.4% of the UK population had never used the internet. Digital is here, and it’s growing fast. However, it does still rely on people looking at a screen to be effective.

Print Media, on the other hand, has lots more flexibility. Not only are there the obvious printed tools such as leaflets, brochures and business cards. You can also get creative with personalised stationery such as pens, magnets and mugs. If you would like something bigger, that reaches a wider audience then a banner or sign can be used to great effect.


It’s true that digital marketing is important for virtually every business, both large and small. However, promoting your business digitally doesn’t need to be at the expense of print media. The most effective marketing campaigns use multiple methods to reach potential customers. The more ways you can interact with your target audience, the more likely they are to recognise your brand and potentially become a valuable customer.