Colour trends influence everything we see. From fashion and interiors to website design and print. They are inspirational trends that can update your marketing material for a fresh visual approach. When planning new marketing activity, it helps to know that using the colour trends for 2020 can make a competitive difference.

Colour Trends for 2020

What Inspires Colour Trends?

For colour trends, a lot of the inspiration comes from the fashion industry, that then influences the interior designers and other creative agencies. In a modern visual world, colours play a very important role. There are seasonal changes to keep interest piqued and complementary colour palettes to create synergy. Companies like Pantone and WGSN research and predict trends that designers are inspired by.

Pantone Colour of the Year

For 2020, Pantone has selected Classic Blue as the colour of the year. At the start of a new decade, Pantone explained that the colour was selected as it suggests the sky at dusk to provide a sense of anticipation. It brings a sense of calm and tranquillity that they predict is needed at times of turbulent change. The colour is connected to trust and stability so a good selection for financial businesses.

WGSN Trends

WGSN is a global trend-spotting company that identifies emerging trends to predict what our visual future will look like. Creative industries from around the world work with WGSN and their influence has a strong impact on the colours we will see in 2020. The sister company Coloro has identified five key colours for Spring Summer 2020.

1. Mellow Yellow

Yellow has been creeping into our wardrobes over the past few years and is set to have an increased mass appeal. As the trend for 2020 is muted tones, this yellow is dialled down into an earthy approachable tone.

2. Cantaloupe

This is a soft version of the vibrant orange that was popular in 2019. Cantaloupe is a development of the soft pink that has been overly used and this colour provides a refreshing update.

3. Cassis

A soft and muted purple that is a unisex gender-neutral colour. Purple is considered as a modern colour so ideal for the turn of a decade when we are looking to the future.

4. Purist Blue

A complimentary companion to the Pantone Classic Blue which is calm and reassuring. This blue has warm sunny tones to create feelings of positivity. Combined with a coolness for a contemporary twist this is a great colour as a backdrop to add other pops of colour.

5. Neo Mint

This is the lead colour that WGSN has identified for Spring Summer 2020. Magazines like Grazia have reported on the influence it will have on interior design. As a combination of a natural green and a muted futuristic tone, it’s predicted that we will see a lot of this colour in the years to come. Neo Mint is thought to create a sense of optimism that the world craves.

What Colour Trends For 2020 Will You Choose?

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