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Six Effective Offline Marketing Ideas


In the age of digital, it may feel like all your marking activities should be online. Social media, SEO, and Pay Per Click can all be successful low-cost techniques. However, offline marketing methods still have their place and work particularly well when used in conjunction with online approaches. In this post, we highlight six effective offline [...]

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10 Business Card Design Ideas


Although we aim to have a more paperless office, the business card is still the easiest way to share contact details. We often use digital methods for sharing contact information, but these can be quickly forgotten. If you don't have a business card to give to prospective clients, then you are missing out on a key [...]

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Promote Your Small Business – 5 Print Marketing Ideas


As Nottingham printing specialists with over 40 years experience, we’ve worked with 1000’s of small businesses. Despite the wide range of industries they operate in, one thing that they all have in common is a need to promote their businesses and the services they offer. Even with the growth of digital marketing, printed materials are still [...]

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Does Print Media Have a Role in the Digital Age?


We live in a time where digital marketing is seen as vital for virtually any type of business. Failure to have a strong online presence can mean losing potential customers to your competition. However, as important as digital marketing is, print media can connect with people in a way that simply isn’t possible digitally. Print Media [...]

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Effective Small Business Brand Building in Seven Simple Steps


Branding is a way of communicating the identity of your business to customers and members of your own team. A successful brand can communicate the core values of your company and help people identify your company in a crowded marketplace. Creating a strong and recognisable brand is not only for big organisations. Small businesses can benefit [...]

Effective Small Business Brand Building in Seven Simple Steps2019-06-27T14:14:57+00:00

How to Create the Perfect Business Card


A standard business card is approximately 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Onto this small piece of marketing real estate, you need to display enough information to convey the overall image of your business. This is no easy task in such a small amount of space! The aim of a business card is not to tell people [...]

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Specialists in Digital Print

When it comes to smaller scale, more personalised printing, Sherwood Universal are the experts in Digital Print in Nottingham. With continuous investment, we now have 5 state of the art high speed digital machines. They are perfect for business cards, brochures, catalogues, proofs… in fact they are perfect for short runs of almost anything! Being especially useful when it comes to highly personalised printing where no two copies are the same. But as well as offering the very best in terms of look, our digital print set up allows for previously impossible deadlines to be met.

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