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Even in the digital age, calendars are still a commonly used item in homes and businesses. Frequently used and prominently positioned they make an ideal tool for companies who want to raise their brand awareness with existing and potential clients.

At Sherwood Universal, we have years of experience in designing and printing eye-catching calendars for our customers. Our range of state of the art digital printers allows us to produce calendars in quantities from one to one million.

Thanks to our in house design team we can look after your calendar printing from start to finish. Simply let us know your ideas, and we’ll put together some exciting ideas for you to choose from.

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Calendar Printing – Top Tips

If you want your calendars to get pride of place on your customer’s desks and walls, they need to be eye-catching and interesting. A dull and boring calendar will most likely be shoved in a drawer, which means you’re not promoting your brand as intended.

Below we’ve put together some top tips to help you create exciting calendars that your customers will love.

Pick a Theme

The theme of your calendar is crucial as it will influence most of the other decisions you need to make. You may decide to keep the theme directly linked to your company and utilise colours, graphics and fonts that represent your brand. You may choose to go for something fun and quirky or perhaps some arty of inspirational images.

Ideally, try to avoid being too corporate. You want your customers to use your calendar, so make it appealing and interesting. 

Choose High-Quality Images

When choosing your images, look for high resolution and consistent imagery that will engage and interest your customers. Try not to clutter your pages with multiple images, instead, aim for one prominent image with your branding and/or logo also clearly visible.

Showcase Your Products or Services

If your business has a range of products or services consider incorporating these into your calendar. You can display a different item each month and use your calendar as a product portfolio. 

Choose a Useable Format

For your customers to use your calendar, it needs to be visually appealing and functional. There are lots of different designs and formats, but some of the more outlandish ones can be a little impractical. Most people will want to see the dates clearly and have a small space to write notes next to each day.

Think Sustainability

Being green and thinking sustainably is becoming important to more and more people. Many customers will now base their buying decisions on a company’s green credentials. When printing your calendar, choose double-sided printing. This will lower your costs and also use less paper. You can also use FSC certified paper which ensures that the wood used is from a sustainably managed source.

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