Small Business Marketing Tips During COVID-19

Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through economies across the globe. Businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry are having to adapt quickly to the new trading conditions they find themselves in. Small businesses are perhaps some of the most vulnerable during the pandemic as they typically have limited cash reserves. This makes riding out the [...]

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Print Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Ever since the internet started to hit the mainstream experts have proclaimed the death of print marketing. Billed as old fashioned, costly and ineffective, promoting a business using printed materials was meant to go the way of the dinosaurs. Although using printed promotional material is not at the same levels as it was before the internet, [...]

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10 Business Card Design Ideas

Although we aim to have a more paperless office, the business card is still the easiest way to share contact details. We often use digital methods for sharing contact information, but these can be quickly forgotten. If you don't have a business card to give to prospective clients, then you are missing out on a key [...]

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Grow Your Business with Folded Leaflets

When promoting a business, there is a huge range of marketing tools to select from. With digital marketing, you can reach a wide national audience, and with printed materials, you can focus more locally. A simple marketing tool for businesses is to provide such a good service that customers recommend you. To help customers share your [...]

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Colour Trends For 2020

Colour trends influence everything we see. From fashion and interiors to website design and print. They are inspirational trends that can update your marketing material for a fresh visual approach. When planning new marketing activity, it helps to know that using the colour trends for 2020 can make a competitive difference. What Inspires Colour Trends? For [...]

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10 Reasons to Use Poster Advertising

Deciding how to advertise your business can feel complex and overwhelming. From digital media to radio, there are endless opportunities to reach your audience. Depending on the content, sometimes a simple approach, such as poster advertising, can work best. Why Poster Advertising? The poster is one of the earliest forms of advertising. It began to develop [...]

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Promote Your Small Business – 5 Print Marketing Ideas

As Nottingham printing specialists with over 40 years experience, we’ve worked with 1000’s of small businesses. Despite the wide range of industries they operate in, one thing that they all have in common is a need to promote their businesses and the services they offer. Even with the growth of digital marketing, printed materials are still [...]

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Does Print Media Have a Role in the Digital Age?

We live in a time where digital marketing is seen as vital for virtually any type of business. Failure to have a strong online presence can mean losing potential customers to your competition. However, as important as digital marketing is, print media can connect with people in a way that simply isn’t possible digitally. Print Media [...]

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Effective Small Business Brand Building in Seven Simple Steps

Branding is a way of communicating the identity of your business to customers and members of your own team. A successful brand can communicate the core values of your company and help people identify your company in a crowded marketplace. Creating a strong and recognisable brand is not only for big organisations. Small businesses can benefit [...]

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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Wedding season is upon us, and there are a lot of factors to consider when planning a wedding. You’ve chosen the venue decided on a date, and it’s all booked. There is one thing more you need to do, invite your guests! Well, it would be a pretty quiet event without them, right? There are a [...]

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Specialists in Digital Print

When it comes to smaller scale, more personalised printing, Sherwood Universal are the experts in Digital Print in Nottingham. With continuous investment, we now have 5 state of the art high speed digital machines. They are perfect for business cards, brochures, catalogues, proofs… in fact they are perfect for short runs of almost anything! Being especially useful when it comes to highly personalised printing where no two copies are the same. But as well as offering the very best in terms of look, our digital print set up allows for previously impossible deadlines to be met.

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