Although we aim to have a more paperless office, the business card is still the easiest way to share contact details. We often use digital methods for sharing contact information, but these can be quickly forgotten. If you don’t have a business card to give to prospective clients, then you are missing out on a key marketing opportunity.

Great design is often judged with personal perception and taste. However, the success of a business card design is judged mainly on if it is good enough to keep?

Business Card Design Ideas

Business Card Design Ideas

Here are ten business card design ideas to help you create a communication tool that won’t simply be tossed in the recycling.

1. Choose Your Paper Stock Carefully

The feel and weight of the card stock you use creates an impression of your business to others. If you have a company that is focused on offering value for money, it may give the wrong impression if you use expensive card stock. Alternatively, if you run a business offering premium goods or services, you may want to use a luxurious card that links to your brand principles.

2. Maximise the Space Used

With a small amount of space available on a business card, an edge-to-edge design can make the most of the print area. Confirm the bleed measurement requirement from your printer and expand your design into this. You must make sure that no important information is placed in the bleed area as this won’t be shown on the finished card. Design details like a colour block or brush stroke could be pushed into the bleed area for an edge-to-edge printing effect.

3. Have a Different Shape

The standard shape for a business card is rectangular. Does the format of your business logo lend itself well to be used on a different shaped business card? A die-cut business card has the opportunity for a wide range of creative options. It is important to make sure that the shape you choose is a logical match to your business identity.

4. Use Realism

Strong photographic images can catch people’s eyes, and optical illusions can impress and be memorable. For example, if you are a florist, could you use a photo-realistic image of a flower to look like one is attached to your business card?

5. Try Brand Related Markings

If your business offers a service or product, can you communicate this in a more interesting way? A company who works with animals could have footprint marks as part of the design that makes a lasting impression.

6. Create a Dual Usage

It’s also possible to create business cards that double up as another object? If you are a photographer, your business card could also be a picture frame. A gardening business could have a seed packet as part of the business card.

7. Cut Shapes Out

It’s not just the shape of the business card you could change. You could also have shapes cut out of the card itself. Cutting shapes out of the card creates plenty of opportunities for fun, interactive designs.

8. Encourage Interactive Creativity

To generate not just a memorable impression but an unforgettable experience, a business card that can be made into something else can be very impressive. Paper art can be simple and very effective. With a clever design, your business card could be turned into an aeroplane or rabbit.

9. Make a Puzzling Design

Business cards don’t need to be a standard size. A card that could be twisted or folded to reveal a hidden message is a great way to do this. To make sure your business card is easy to twist or fold, you will need to be careful with the paper stock you select.

10. Don’t Forget Special Finishes

A glossy finish isn’t suitable for all brand identities, but there is a wide range of print finishes to choose from. Special effects created with embossing, foil stamping and spot UV coating can add an extra dimension to create a business card that is good enough to keep.

For some entertaining and fun business card design ideas, this Bored Panda article has some great examples.

If you’d like more information, we’ve put together another blog post on creating your perfect business card. Alternatively, the team at Sherwood are here to answer any questions you may have.